Hello there, I made this page because I'm a person who likes to listen to the musics. All the midi files in this page are my picks, As you can tell most of them are Love songs and easy listening music. Hope you enjoy them too.

2 Become 1--Spice Girls 35.8 K
A Time For Us--Romeo & Juliet Theme 15.1 K
A Very Special Love Song--Charlie Rich 26.6 K
All By Myself--Celion Dion 35.0 K
All For Love--Bryan Adams 28.7 K
All My Life--K-Ci & Jojo37.5 K
All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You 44.2 K
Alone--Heart 10.6 K
Always--Atlantic Starr38.7 K
And I Love You So23.5 K
Anywhere For You32.5 K
As Long As You Love Me--Backstreet Boys32.0 K
Baby I Love Your Ways--Will to Power21.0 K
Because You Loved Me--Celion Dion59.3 K
Bed of Roses--Bon Jovi 34.9 K
Butterfly--Mariah Carey 20.5 K
Butterfly Kisses 17.8 K
Candle in the Wind 19.9 K
Can We Still Be Friends 51.0 K
Careless Whisper--Wham 52.1 K
Crazy For You--Madonna 30.0 K
Dreaming Of You --Selena 40.8 K
Drive--The Cars 37.8 K
Endless Love 26.6 K
Eternal Flame-- The Bangles 35.5 K
Everything I do,I do for you--Byran Adams 37.7 K
Every Time You Go Away--Paul Young 47.2 K
Exhale--Whitney Houston 15.9 K
For You I Will--Monica 25.9 K
For Your Eyes Only--Sheena Easton 11.2 K
God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You-Sync 20.1 K
How Deep Is Your Love--Bee Gees 62.0 K
I Can Love You Like That--All 4 One 15.3 K
I Could Fall In Love--Selena 69.7 K
I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love-Chicago 35.0 K
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing--Aerosmith 25.5 K
I Honestly Love you 26.9 K
I Love You Always and Forever--Donna Lewis 70.9 K
I'll Make Love To You--Boyz II Men 40.0 K
I'll Never Break Your Heart--Backstreet Boys 23.2 K
I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over me 15.8 K
I'll Stand By You--Pretenders 38.6 K
I'm Not In Love--10CC 45.7 K
In The Air Tonight--Phil Collins 40.9 K
Insensitive--LeAnn Rimes 34.9 K
Iris--Goo Goo Dolls 26.8 K
I Swear--All 4 One 29.3 K
It Must Of Been Love--Roxette 44.6 K
I Wanna Know What Love Is--Foreigner 19.8 K
I Will Always Love You--Whitney Houston 20.1 K
I Will Remember You--Amy Grant 21.7 K
Kiss From a Rose--Seal 31.4 K
Lady in Red--Chris Deburgh 33.8 K
Love Fool--The Cardigans 25.4 K
Love Them--Flashdance Theme 34.4 K
Memory--Cats 9.8 K
Most Beautiful Girl in the World--Prince 51.8 K
My Heart Will Go On --Celion Dion 19.9 K
My Love--Paul McCarthy 38.4 K
Nothing Compares to You--Sinead O'connor 28.1 K
November Rain--Guns n Roses 50.6 K
One Sweet Day 11.0 K
Paradise 11.3 K
Power of Love--Celion Dion 31.2 K
Real Love 20.3 K
Release Me--Wilson Phillips 44.8 K
Return to Innocence--Enigma 36.1 K
Rose from Titanic Theme 6.7 K
Sea of Love--Honeydrippers 56.0 K
She's Like the Wind 31.8 K
Take a Chance On Me 80.0 K
Take My Breath Away--Berlin 31.2 K
The Power of Goodbye--Madonna 62.2 K
The Power of Dream--Celion Dion 54.4 K
The Rose 22.1 K
Tonights The Night--Rod Stewart 32.7 K
Truly,Madly,Deeply--Savage Garden 28.4 K
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad--Meatloaf 19.8 K
Unchained Melody--Righteous Brothers 31.0 K
Up Where We Belong 36.8 K
Valentine--Martina McBride 17.1 K
We Belong--Pat Benatar 83.8 K
With or Without You--U2 67.9 K
Without You--Mariah Carey 21.0 K
Your In Love--Wilson Philips 52.3 K
Your Still the One--Shania Twain 22.3 K

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Disclaimer: These midi files have been placed here for personal enjoyment only. They were all found in public domain places. All copyright belongs to its respective author.

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